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July 5, 1995 - March 31, 2007
Goodbye dear
Your family will miss you but you are now with
Fizzy, Milo & Kirbi at Rainbow Bridge.
Run, hunt and play as you were
always meant  to do.

Frank's Blueberry Stosh
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Heart Strings

A flutter races through my heart
like wings of butterflies
it pulls ever so lightly
stinging tears come to my eyes.

An old familiar feeling
like a memory tucked so deep
it stays forever with me
it is mine alone to keep

Four precious paws from heaven
did encompass me forever
and with woven strings of angel dust
tied our hearts together.

The final breath was taken
the last heart beat echoed faint
a loving tug on heart strings
was felt through storms of pain.

This tug was but a message
that was heard yet left unspoken
assurance through the hurtful loss
the bond would not be broken.

As wings of angels whisper
and the chimes begin to sing,
our mighty bond grows stronger
with the tug of our heart strings.