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Love  Mom, Dad, Sammi, and
little Bosco
To My Special Boy            Kirbi             Secret               Home   
There's a sadness now, we cry, we weep,
our gentle giant's gone to sleep.
It's quiet, yet we hear his sounds,
his feet still dragging along the ground.

He made all welcome  one bark, no growl,
just the  largest grin and a wagging tail.
He asked for nothing but gave his all,
right to the end, to that final call.

When it's time for us to take that final ride,
that uncertain trip to the other side,
our journey there will bear no strife,
we know he'll be waiting, as he was in life.

If you've lost your friend, if he's not at hand,
the loneliness you'll understand.
Though more may follow, they couldn't compare
to our giant, gentle, big black bear,

We'll all miss you Mr. Man
Ch. Shersan's Just One Look TDIA
Merlin was an active therapy dog for 5 years

May 1, 1996  -   August 9, 2007