Loving Paws is a group of people from many walks of life. We are made up of men and women from the ages of 12 years to well over 65, who love their dogs and want to share them with those in need. Some are social workers, ministers, artists, lawyers,  teachers and students.
Our members cover an area from Sagamore Hills east, west to Sandusky and south to Brunswick and Medina. and north to Lakewood, Rocky River, and Westlake.
Though we only have a few members from St Thomas at this time, we have an active group of 20 members from other faiths and traditions that go into the community sharing our ministry.with others. With all of our differences we have, we have a come together with one common bond the love of our dogs and the willingness to share then with others.
The added bonus to this is, we have made some good friends along the way, while bringing happiness to many people in hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, and schools.
It is because of these people that Loving Paws is a growing ministry and it is because of their dedication that we are here able to have a great Therapy Dog Group..

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