Have you a dog in heaven?

Have you a dog in Heaven, Lord,
and do you pat it's head?
Does he sit up and beg each night
before he goes to bed?
Does he look up with shining eyes
when he sees your smiling face?
Does he wag his fluffy tail
when he wants to run a race?
Have you a dog in Heaven, Lord
is there room for just one more?
Cause my  dog died today ;
he'll be waiting at the door.
Please take him into Heaven, Lord
and keep him there for me,
Just feed him, pet him, love him, Lord
that's all he'll ask of Thee.

We will miss you dear Milo
Love you, Mom & Mikayla

Go and run, Sarah and Dad
are waiting for you

November 2015  -  February 2018
Our Dear...